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Regarding taxation, our Firm is dedicated to provide our Clients comprehensive legal advice and representation in all matters related to tax planning, compliance, and dispute resolution.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers is committed to help, both individuals and businesses, navigate the complex tax framework and optimize their tax situation. We help with all the procedures, appeals, and disputes with Spanish tax authorities, including collection, sanctioning, and tax inspection procedures.

Tax Planning

We work with our Clients to develop effective tax strategies that minimize the tax burden and, at the same time, maximize savings in a legal and ethical manner.

Tax Compliance

We prepare and file any tax returns, accurately and timely, ensuring that our Clients meet all local, state and federal tax obligations.

Tax Audits

We represent our Clients in government tax audits, providing advice and defense throughout the whole process, always ready to resolve any disputes that may arise.

Estate and Asset Planning

We help individuals and families plan the efficient transfer of their estate by drafting the wills, trusts and estate planning strategies.

Business and Mergers Planning

We provide tax advice to companies in M&A, corporate restructurings and expansion strategies.

Tax Litigation

We represent our Clients in tax-related litigations, including disputes over tax assessments, penalties or payment agreements.

International Taxes

We advise both businesses and individuals on international tax issues, including international tax planning, filing foreign tax returns and resolving cross-border disputes.

Tax Credits and Deductions

We help identify and benefit from available tax credits and deductions to reduce our Clients’ tax burdens.

Ongoing Tax Advice

We provide constant tax advice to ensure that our Clients are always aware of occurring changes in tax laws and thus can make decisions fully aware of their consequences.

Representation before the Tax Agency and Local Tax Authorities

We represent our Clients before the Tax Agency and any local tax authorities in tax related cases or disputes, regardless of their complexity.

Experience and Specialized Knowledge

We have a deep and up-to-date knowledge of local, state and federal tax laws. This allows us to provide accurate and strategic tax advice, taking into account changing laws and complex tax regulations.

Tax Optimization

We work closely with our Clients to develop tax strategies that minimize the tax burden and maximize tax savings. Considering the above, from long-term perspective, our Clients can save a significant amount of money.

Compliance with binding regulations

We ensure that our Clients meet all tax obligations and file tax returns on time and with strict attention to detail. This helps to avoid any penalties and fines for non-compliance.

Tax Audits

We stand as your advocates during tax audits, ensuring your rights are protected and minimizing the audit’s adverse effects.

Estate and Asset Planning

We assist in strategizing the efficient transfer of assets and wealth through legal means, including drafting wills and establishing trusts, which can help mitigate future tax burdens.

Conflict Resolution

If tax disputes or litigation arise, we defend our Clients’ rights and pursue effective resolutions, including negotiated settlements and payment arrangements.

Ongoing Advice

We offer constant guidance to ensure that Clients are aware of changes in tax laws.

Legal Protection

We protect our Clients’ interests in complex and potentially costly tax matters, providing peace of mind and financial security.

Stress Reduction

Tax complexities can be overwhelming. We alleviate the burden by handling the legal aspects, enabling our clients to concentrate on their businesses and personal endeavors.

Opportunity Identification

We notice tax opportunities and deductions that Clients may overlook, maximizing their tax savings.