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Real Estate Law

We offer high-quality legal advice in real estate transactions, catering to investment funds, companies, private investors and individuals alike, providing solutions to meet each Client’s needs. Our Firm has highly skilled team of experienced lawyers in the real estate sector, who are committed to provide comprehensive legal advice and representation at all stages of real estate transactions and disputes.

Property Purchase and Sale

We assist our Clients in buying and selling real estate, ensuring that all transactions comply with local laws and that their interests are protected at all times.

Due Diligence and Title Research

We conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that properties are free from liens, encumbrances or any legal disputes that could affect the transaction. We also investigate property titles to verify legal ownership.

Lease Contracts

We prepare and review lease agreements for landlords and tenants, ensuring that the terms are fair and comply with current regulations, as well as handling any disputes related to such leases.

Litigation and Conflict Resolution

We represent our Clients in real estate-related litigation, including property disputes, contract breaches and other legal issues.


We provide advice and representation in foreclosure cases, working to protect the rights of our Clients.

Advice for Foreign Investors

We offer specialized guidance to foreign investors looking to invest in Spain, ensuring compliance with specific legal and tax requirements.

Tax and Financial Advice

We provide advice on tax matters related to property, such as property taxes, capital gains and other local or national tax obligations.

Understanding of Local Regulations and Procedures

Spanish real estate legislation is complex and differs from Polish law. We are well aware of local regulations, procedures and requirements, which allows in helping our Clients avoid potential legal problems.

Assessment of the Legal Status of the Property

We will conduct an analysis of documents related to the property, including the notarial deed, construction permit, decisions on building conditions and whether the property has any encumbrances, such as a mortgage or easement.

Assistance in Negotiations and Contract Review

We assist in negotiations with the other party in the transaction to secure the most favorable conditions for Clients. Additionally, we will prepare or review the contract to ensure it protects the Client’s interests without violating applicable laws.

Resolution of Legal Issues

If any legal issues arise during the transaction process, we can quickly identify and resolve them before they become more serious.

Economy of Time and Money

We help streamline procedures related to the purchase or rental of properties. This allows the Client to save both time and money.

Understanding of Taxes and Fees

We provide assistance in understanding the taxes and fees associated with real estate transactions as to allow to avoid any unpleasant financial surprises.

Protection Against Frauds

In Spain, as in many other countries, various real estate frauds can occur. Working with us increases the chances of avoiding such abuses and illegal activities.

Stress Reduction

With our help, we guarantee that Client can feel involved in the process without any unnecessary stress, since we provide complex assistance and keep our Clients up-to-date with all actions needed to take.